Thursday, 28 June 2018


Yes, it is the middle of the year.  Very soon social media feeds will begin the weekend countdown to  Rather than fall into this annual spin, mid-year is an opportunity to reflect on the first half of the year and choose an area that could be improved upon in the second half.  Being the middle of winter, grumpiness reigns in many homes and board rooms, so some kindness to oneself in this regard is recommended.
Christmas and the headlong rush toward the end of the year will be set in motion.

The beginning of the year tends to start with [often unrealistic] ambition and energy which subtly wanes into complaisance.  This complaisance runs through our relationships as well and is the focus here. 

Reflecting on the past six months, what role(s) have you played in your personal and professional relationships?  Have they all been positive?  Have they all been necessary?  Most importantly, did the role(s) sit well with your sense of who you are as an individual?  We all know the common sayings around hindsight, but it makes an excellent reflection tool as much as it does a self-beating one.  Chances are there are some negative patterns that are being repeated in relationships – some knowingly, others not – the key is to get to the bottom of why and make those moments of reflection more positive.

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